I stumbled across this video today and it made me smile. The guy behind it, J-Scott, relocated from Vancouver to Seattle and interviewed his new work mates about the sport he loves: ice hockey.

Hockey 101 from J-Scott on Vimeo.

As a kid I always wanted to play (unfortunately we had no ice in Tauranga, New Zealand where I grew up), so watched a few of the Stanley Cup finals series and have a grasp of the rules. Luckily this means that I can now hold a conversation in the bar on game night here in Vancouver, where apparently everyone is a hockey fan.

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The folks behind the Sagan series have created a companion project featuring Richard Feynman. I have been a huge fan of his since reading Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman: Adventures of a Curious Character back at university. He is obviously an incredible intellect, but he has a way of speaking with such easy charm and accessibility you feel like you could be listening to your grandfather, or a favourite teacher from primary school.

These videos pair his voice with compelling images and stirring music. I am delighted to see his thoughts being shared with a wider audience.

(via YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF – which is also fantastic and worth exploring)

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  • Pei-San Ng makes incredbile art from matchsticks.
    danger: matchstick art from Pei-San Ng
    (via Chairman Ting)
  • A wonderful, short presentation from Kurt Vonnegut, describing the shapes of stories.

    (via kottke)
  • There is something pretty interesting going on just around the corner from my new home here in Vancouver. This Space is working collaboratively with the community to create a new business in an empty building in Chinatown/Strathcona.

    They are going to run a voting and feedback process over the next few months on everything from what the business will do, to the employees who will work there. It is a great concept, and I am looking forward to seeing the results of such a long term and ambitious collaboration project.
  • GoPro make some really cool, inexpensive little HD video cameras that are great for action sports. If you get a whole bunch of them together you can do some pretty incredible stuff:

    (via Spoke)
  • More GoPro cameras put to good use. This beautifully edited short film about base jumping features incredible scenery from the incredible jump spots they use around Europe. I have a huge admiration for base jumpers, and it is something that I hope that I get the chance to do (and have the courage to go with doing it) one day.

    (via Infinity List)

  • Anyone who has been keeping up with the changes at Facebook will no doubt have heard about the influence and input of Nicholas Felton (aka Feltron). Apparently while he wasn’t busy helping out with completely re-imagining the Facebook profile he has been helping one of his relatives, an Australian winemaker, with some unique, beautiful, and fascinating labels. The labels are data driven, displaying data about the process behind making that particular vintage. Things like heat of fermentation, the time the skin is left of the grapes, and the ripeness of the grapes. These are all things that contribute to the final complex flavour of the wine.
    Between Five Bells labels by Nicholas Felton
    You can read more of the story behind them, and check out the labels in more detail on the Between Five Bells site.
  • Photographer Sam Gellman went on a four day trip to North Korea and took some incredible photos of their annual ‘Mass Games’. Apparently the image in the background is made up of 20,000 ‘pixels’ – each a Korean child holding a coloured card which they frequently change.
    North Korean Mass Games
    (via MyModernMet)
  • Kyle McDonald and Arturo Castro have been collaborating on some pretty cool real time face tracking and substitution. This seems to have culminated (at least for now) in the implementation below, which if you are a Phillip K. Dick fan will probably get you pretty excited.

    (via Creative Applications)
  • Archie Out of Context (the brainchild of Ashleigh Rajela) does exactly what it says on the tin, and is very funny. Who doesn’t like a good double entendre?
    Archie out of context
  • My good friend Matt has an incredible talent for making hilarious little video mash ups. David Schwimmer smashes the club with his latest tear out dubstep anthem:
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