• The crew at Dentsu London have done this incredible work for Canon photographing paint sitting on a membrane that has been ‘activated’ by music. The results (both still & video) are stunning. Also check the making of clip to see how it was done.
    Paint Sculpture
    (via designboom)
  • Rip Curl has put together this awesome ‘bullet time’ footage of four of the worlds best surfers in the Sunway Lagoon Wavepool in Malaysia. No less than 52 cameras were used to capture this killer action.
  • More surfing action, but this one isn’t so much revolutionary as just plain stunning. If you like hearing from people who are totally devoted to something then ‘Dark Side of the Lens’ is for you.

    DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

    (via iso50)

  • More amazing action sports errr… action. This helmet cam footage from Darren Berrecloth in the recent Red Bull Rampage is bananas.

    (via Spoke magazine)
  • Don’t worry if you missed every single animated GIF ever created… you can catch up by watching this awesome video from Evan Roth (featuring music from mashup virtuoso GirlTalk).

    Cache Rules Everything Around Me from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

  • Beautiful motion graphics work from Colin Hesterly. Seems like a super talented dude.

    World Of Motion from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

  • This generative logo for Norwegian city Nordkyn is some of the most interesting identity work I have seen in a long time. The shape and colour of the logo is determined by the current weather conditions. Apparently it is inspired by the snowflake, which is obviously a fairly prominent feature of Nordkyn life. Full details of how it works are over on Brand New.
  • If you are a music & web geek like me you should definitely check out Seaquence, an ‘experimental musical petri-dish’. Hours of fun. (via Charles Coxhead)
  • Melbourne dude Buff Diss does some unbelievably rad street art using tape.
    Buff Diss tape art wall
    Buff Diss tape art barn
    Buff Diss tape art train
    (via bumbumbum)

As usual, I post most of this stuff up on twitter as I find it, so follow me there if you want the scoop.

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My buddy Robin has done a pretty sweet job of knocking together a whole lot of the footage we got from Canada into this cheeky little vid. A nice visual accompaniment to my guide to a Canadian mountain bike holiday. Possibly not so good if you have problems with motion sickness.

from Robin on Vimeo.

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These are getting a bit out of hand, I think I need to start doing them more regularly (or just stop spending so much time on the net).

  • John Kenn is a Danish guy that makes kids television. He also has an incredible talent for drawing monsters on post it notes
    (via Elly)
  • Wooden sunglasses, why not? Check out the hotness from Schwood. About to put my pair on order
  • This is a beautifully shot little slide show of some guys ripping at Whistler that makes me wish that I was back in Canada.
  • More Whistler, this time helmet cam action from the incredible second place run in the Crankworx slopestyle competition.

    (via Spoke Magazine)
  • Choi + Shine Architects recently picked up the Boston Society of Architects award for this project re-imagining high voltage pylons. Unfortunately the Icelandic folk who were running the competition in which they were entered didn’t like them enough to run out and build them. I would love to see these carrying the national grid here in NZ, imagine these set against the rugged central plateau landscape.

    (via designboom)
  • A couple of awesome retro-photo collections: IBM catalogue photography from the 60′s & vintage interiors
  • If, like me, you a appreciate a good Venn diagram check out the remix Venn from Olly Moss & the you + me = awesome Venn
  • This multi-touch DJ interface, a senior degree project from Greg Werk, looks pretty neat. Think he may be overstating the problem a little (given any club worth its salt has gear already – never have I seen a DJ have to do a full gear set up while another plays), but still nice to see people pushing the boundaries a little.

    (via oneplusinfinity)
  • If you are a marketing-or-advertising-type-person then you should read this letter, laugh, then actually sit down and think about it. If you aren’t, just read it, nod sagely, and feel free to point and laugh at us marketers.
  • This image is awesome. I wish I could find out who is responsible for it, but haven’t been able to figure it out. That is all.

    (via Feltron)
  • One day I want to live in this Japanese tree house.
  • Telephoneme is a hybrid live-action/animated short film about the alphabet carrying secret meanings, based on ‘The Alphabet Conspiracy’ an educational film from the 60′s. Head over to the Telephoneme website and download the press kit to get the full background, or just check the super stylish film itself below.
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