This is a bumper edition of the guide to the Interneat to celebrate version 3.0 being resuscitated. Enjoy!

  • I am loving some of the gems that Letters of Note uncovers. The presidents address that would have been delivered by Richard Nixon in the event of the Apollo 11 mission being a disaster is fascinating (as is some of the discussion about the note itself).
  • Wicked little spot for Smart from those clever clogs at Buck. Love the style of this one.
  • The work of illustrator Ryan Snook is fantastic. I am particularly digging this ‘whale driver’.
  • Scottish trials mega freak Danny MacAskill has a new short flick, Way Back Home, shot beautifully in his home country. Danny does stuff that almost no one else in the world can on a bike. Red Bull sure know how to do sponsorship and branded content right.
  • Forget Avatar. The best use of 3D so far: 3DD - a book of three dimensional boobs. Probably not safe for work if your boss doesn’t like boobs. It’s art, ok.
  • An exhibition of incredible wallpaper that is made up of three different patterns in red, yellow & blue from Carnovsky. You can view the patterns individually by viewing through a filter.

    (via designboom)
  • Mattias Adolfsson has some of the most fantastic sketchbooks that I have ever seen. There is an incredible amount of detail & imagination in his sketches.

    (via bumbumbum)

  • All round smart/creative/talented dude Evan Roth has created the Public Domain Donor system. Donate your ideas to the public domain on your death so that they may live on. Just print one out and stick it on your license.
  • My favourite infographic designer Nicholas Feltron whipped up this awesome caffeine monitor dashboard for the Build Conference.
  • The Underbelly project is an exhibition of street art from 103 artists that was 18 months in the making. Even more interestingly it was held in an abandoned part of the New York underground transport network. Would love to check it out for myself.

    (via designboom)
  • Brush & Spoke is a sweet blog dedicated to cycle related art. It can be a bit hipster tattoo & fixie fixated, but some really beautiful stuff in there.
  • I have a soft spot for stupid puns. The Narc-whal (from Iain Burke) hits that soft spot with a giant bat.

    (via Laughing Squid)
  • Floating DJ desk made from Lego. I want one.
  • Aussie sampling wiz kid Pogo has whipped up a couple of new tunes with accompanying videos. Crimson, which samples Dexter, is my favourite.

    (via the fox is black)
  • I have a new favourite stupid thing on the Internet: CAPTCHArt. Terribly drawn comments incorporating the all pervasive CAPTCHA phrases that everyone knows & loves.

    (via Rhizome)
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Apparently I am a little late to the party with this one. Better late than never. Besides, I figured some of you might have missed the boat too (yes, I am mixing metaphors, what are you going to do about it?).

I have just discovered Pogo. Pogo is a young dude based in Perth (we wont hold that against him), making incredible video/musical compositions by sampling old movies. He first blew up with ‘Alice’, a track and accompanying video produced entirely from samples from Alice in Wonderland.

That was until until now. His newest production, ‘Gardyn’, was a gift for his mother on mothers day, made entirely from footage that he shot in his mothers back garden. It even includes vocal samples from a little interview he did with her. You can get the full story behind the track over on his blog.

He was also been commissioned to do one a track for Disney film Up, and even a TV/Cinema commercial for Honda (which unfortunately never came to fruition).

His tracks stand alone quite well, but when combined with his visual samples they are truly amazing. Check them out for yourself:

If you dig those, there are also a few more over on his YouTube channel.

You can also download a whole lot of his tracks for free over at

via Kitsune Noir

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