• Studio 360 set the husband and wife design team from Under Consideration the task of redesigning Valentines Day. Whether you like the result or not this great post on Brand New with an explanation of the process, methodology, and rationale is fascinating.
  • I recently discovered Fuck Yeah Math, and it is awesome. If you are half as geeky as I am I am sure you think so too.
    acute girl
  • Sticking on the maths nerd tip, Found Functions is a cool project where mathematician/photographer Niki Graziano finds mathematical functions in nature, and photographs them. I would love to know whether she looks for the functions to photograph, or looks at her photographs to see which ones she can apply functions to. (Via FlowingData)
  • Check out this great ‘big graphic blueprint‘. Just add data for trendy infographic goodness.
  • Florence & the Machine colab with Dizzee Rascal – You Got the Dirtee Love. Live at the Brit awards (thanks to Nivin for the tip).
  • My friend Peter is publishing a blog novel (a blovel?) entitled a fucking awful weekend. Recommended reading.
  • Want to know how Dan Meyer spent his time in 2009? Neither did I, until I saw how he presented it:

    Dan Meyer’s 2009 Annual Report from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

    (via information aesthetics)

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