Must have been a while since the last guide to the Interneat, cause this one is a bumper edition.

  • The Big Caption is a complement to (’s always amazing) The Big Picture, wherein jokes and statements are made using typography. For example:
    Epic Baptism
  • Incredible title sequence for the Typophile Film Festival 5. Amazingly this is all real, no CG what-so-ever. You can get the full story behind it here.

    via Ugmonk.
  • While we are on the subject of typography, Typography for Lawyers looks like a great practical guide for non-desingny folk who want to make their long written documents look swish.
  • Some great desktop wallpaper for bike lovers like me from Jennifer Daniel.
  • The Radio 1 Essential Mix is an institution. Over time they have basically hosted every major DJ there has ever been. Now you can listen to and rate (almost) every Essential Mix since 1993 online, anytime at An amazing archive of recent electronic music history. Great for folks like me out in the colonies.
  • Diplo & Switch (aka Major Lazer) team up with La Roux to deliver the massive (free!) Lazerproof mixtape. It is a pretty crazy experiment, as you would expect, and well worth a listen.
  • Nike (& Weiden+Kennedy London) brilliantly illustrate that if you make amazing, remarkable content then there is no need to buy any media (even though I am sure there is a large accompanying media buy for this one content, you know, just to make sure). This content was run in the seperate vignettes over 3 consecutive nights in the sports news segment of our national television news here in New Zealand (I am sure we weren’t the only country), as well as clocking up untold views across the web. Powerful stuff. (Of course it helps if you have a budget of 5 trillion dollars to produce said content).
  • A couple of tumblr’s I stumbled across to keep you amused: Micheal Buble being stalked by a Veliciraptor & White People Throwing Gang Signs. Hours of entertainment. Word.
  • Came across a couple of great recruitment ideas recently. Check out ‘Comic Sans Destroyer‘ for a great little recruitment campaign for agency Happiness Brussels (who wouldn’t want to work at a place called Happiness?!).
  • And for some creative job seeking you can’t really go past Alec Brownstein’s fantastically clever Google Job Experiment. Kudos also to the creative directors who weren’t too embarrassed to get in touch and try to hire this guy.
  • Need a great example of a brand building an immersive experience? How about the Pantone Hotel? It is part fo their new ‘Pantone Universe’, a collection of “colourful, design driven” products from the world authority on colour communication. Not sure about the Universe, but the Hotel looks pretty awesome.
    via FormFiftyFive.
  • I am mildly obsessed with Kingswood Skis right now. Handmade in Lyttleton (a tiny little seaside village here in New Zealand), they look incredible. I am definitely lusting after a pair. Check out this great video of the ski making process from start to finish:
  • In more amazing handmade in New Zealand, check out Rob’s Woodgrain Bikes. Rob will hand paint your frame in one of three different beautiful woodgrain finishes right here in Auckland, New Zealand for the princely sum of $1500USD. Expensive, but man are they beautiful.

    via Jamie McLellan
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