Back from my crazy adventures pretending to be a globe trotting professional mountain biker and there is plenty to catch up on. Here is a little sample of what has been keeping me entertained lately…

  • Discovered this stunning set of illustrations from Richard Perez aka Skinny Ships. Incredible!

    (via Kitsune Noir)
  • The Yes Men have released a special peer to peer edition of their latest film ‘The Yes Men Fix the World’. It includes a deleted scene from the full release (something about them being sued over it). Download it and flick them some cash to help them out with their next crazy project, it will be money well spent.
  • Watching this video of Paul Basagoitia ripping his back yard as we tripped around Canada got me pretty pumped up (and also wondering how feasible it would be for me to buy a house with a good chunk of land attached). Also of interest, Trent Palmer shot this using a Canon 7D mounted on a radio control helicopter. How cool is that!
  • More New Math provides a vast array of life lessons by way of equation.
  • Pilot Magazine is without doubt the hottest print publication here in NZ right now. They also run a great little blog that is worth keeping an eye on in between the visual feast that is each of their issues (if you can, get hold of a copy of their latest issue). Apparently it is temporary and a ‘real’ site is coming… If that is the case then I can’t wait to see what they have in store.
  • How to Write an Advertising Manifesto (aka The Manifesto Manifesto) is an outstandingly astute and witty observation from Kim Mok.

    I have to admit though, I do still really want to write a manifesto at some point. The point at which I feel strongly enough about something to write a manifesto about it. Just the word manifesto gets me all fired up. (via Fishing for bats)
  • Beautiful print from Anthony Burrill for the intriguing ‘Do Lectures‘ which I would be all over if I was in the UK. Might have to just buy myself a print in the mean time.
  • Diesel’s new ‘Be Stupid’ campaign includes some of the freshest work I have seen in a while. Up until now the stuff I have seen has mainly been clever copy & killer photography, but they took it experiential with Diesel Facepark, Facebook in the real world. Why? Apparently digital is smart and analogue is stupid, and Diesel says be stupid.

    (via Digital Buzz)
  • My good friends Matt & Dayna make kids television here in NZ that is often really funny for (kinda) adults. Want proof? Check Matt’s alternative version of BoB feat. Bruno Mars “Nothin’ on You”…
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